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5 December 2014 

The Aviation Colour Code for Bárðarbunga volcano (Iceland, 64.63°N, 17.53°W, Summit elev. 2009 m) remains orange.

For updated information see: Satellite data and FLEXPART SO2 simulations

Link to Icelandic Met Office - Latest News for Bárðarbunga

Webcamera from the area (from Mila - 2)

15 April 2014

6 March 2014

The upcoming VAST international exercise on March 6, 2014 will join the VAST team and seven external teams into an exercise to compare forecast systems of volcanic ash and SO2 atmospheric transport for the 23.11.2013 Etna eruption. Inter-comparison of the model results will be facilitated by the  EC/JRC/IES ENSEMBLE platform. The work is coordinated by D. Arnold/ZAMG.

Please use the VAST contact form for more information.

23 October 2013

VAST exercise - embedded in VOLCEX13/02, see ZAMG press release - pdf in German 

13 February 2013

Large Erution of Mt. Kelut, Indonesia February 13, 2014 grounds air-traffic. For satellite images and dispersion model forcasts (updated 18/2)